Why Businesses Must Embrace Data-Driven Marketing in 2023
August 27, 2020
Digital Marketing

Why Businesses Must Embrace Data-Driven Marketing in 2023

In today’s day and age, the internet is nothing new. Almost every person makes use of it one way or another. And, this number has only increased, thanks to the pandemic. Hence, more and more companies are shifting their focus towards curating the best digital marketing strategies to gain more audience.

Whether you own a small business or a big one, the key to making it work is to understand your consumers. But, how do you do that? Well, that’s where the data comes in. The collected data about your consumers gives you an idea and offers valuable insight into them. It also offers you knowledge about their buying patterns and also about their demographics. So, why is data-driven marketing important for business?

Did you know? Internet users generate almost 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day!
So, as a digital marketer, if you come up with a way to properly utilize this data, you can curate the best digital marketing strategies.

Well, data-driven marketing has turned the business world upside down, in a good way, in the last few years. Today, consumers expect more personalized service, therefore, with the data that is offered, businesses can meet the consumer’s demands. It not only helps you grow as a company but it also helps you focus more on what is perfect for your audience.

Take a look at more reasons why businesses must embrace data-driven marketing in 2023.

Create A More Personalized Experience

One of the best examples of personalizing things is that of Amazon. When you re-login, you see recommendations based on your browsing history, your previous search, and buys. This is a remarkable way to offer your consumers what they need. Also, if your browser cookies aren’t cleared, they can do it in real-time too. How can you opt for this strategy? The first step here is to narrow down the demographics of your target audience. Then customize the content of your website accordingly so that it suits their needs.

For instance, let’s say a teenager is browsing your site, someone 18. But, when they go to your site, they see images of old people there. Since they are not going to connect, chances are they will simply close the browser and not even read any content presently there. Hence, the front page of your site should match your target audience. To make things easier for you, there are several data-driven marketing tools available for business, such as Optimizely, Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, and more. Make sure you use them to enhance your growth.

It Helps You Know Your Consumers

Identity resolution helps you gain more insight into your consumers. How does it do that? It helps you recognize them to a deeper extent, such as their interests, the apps they use, and more. To connect all the data points you can make use of tools that help connect B2B and B2C identities to helps you reach your audience via multiple channels.

Leads To Website Traffic

Although social media can help you gain a certain amount of recognition, search engines are the real deal here. Now, let’s take a look at Facebook’s new algorithm for News Feed. It favors posts from your friends and families to the businesses. This is great for the audience as they want to make their audience feel connected to their close ones. However, it is not great for businesses. So, you know now how important SEO is.

You Can Monitor Your Performance Easily

Once you start using the data to connect well with your audience, you can take into account their behavior and interests and tweak your strategy to resonate with it. However, this only works if you regularly monitor your performance. That being said, you must always make sure you make use of high-quality data as poor ones might not have the desired effect. Some of the data-driven marketing trends for business include;

  • A personalized user experience.
  • Understand that artificial intelligence and machine learning are growing.
  • SEO is extremely important, make use of it to the fullest.
  • Omnichannel marketing is effective. It is using a cross-channel content strategy to improve the experience of your user and also helps you build a stable relationship with them.
  • Mobile apps can help enhance your business.
  • Helps You With Data Onboarding, which is one of the trending data driven digital marketing strategy is data onboarding, where you transfer the offline data to an online medium to suit your marketing needs.

Optimize Multiple Marketing Channels

Now, if you generate leads via Facebook, that’s different than leads generated from Google Display Network. Hence, it becomes mandatory for you to come up with strategies according to the channel via which you are generating the leads. With the help of data-driven marketing techniques, you will be able to identify which channel works the best for you and which message entices your audience. You can also see which medium works the best for you, such as social media, email marketing and more. And, for any business, having this data available will ensure growth.

Helps Enhance You Content Continuously

When the data and information from the metrics tells you how your campaigns are faring, it gives you room to improve your content according to the ever changing needs of your consumers’. It helps you enhance the quality of your work. And, we all know, content is the king. Therefore, you need to put out quality content that attracts your audience base. Also, if you embrace the data-driven marketing, it also helps enhance the quality of your data, however, make sure you keep refreshing your database.

Don’t Let Ego Interfere

Now, you are probably thinking, how did ego even come into the picture. Well, we are here to tell you. Sometimes, what happens is that data testing programs might tell us that your previous creations, which might even be somewhat precious to you, may not be so great in reality. It can be anything, maybe the copy you wrote or the design that was curated. But, this is where you cannot let ego interfere. You must understand that failure is a part and parcel of life. And, you don’t create for yourself but your audience. Therefore, at the end of the day, it is them who must like what you put out. So, trust the data.

Enhance Your Brand Image

With the help of big data, you can see how your audience interacts with your brand. This is done by monitoring social media platforms, your website, and your consumer’s digital footprint. When you dig deep, you will find honest reviews, criticisms, testimonials, and more. Why will this help? Because you will be able to comprehend what your audience thinks about your brand and if there is anything negative, since you know what it is, you will be able to rectify it and ensure you have loyal consumers.

These were a few reasons why you must embrace data-driven marketing for business. They will not only help you grow seamlessly but will also make your brand known. Let us know what you think.

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