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Elevate your online presence with our Voice SEO Services. Harness the power of voice search optimization to ensure your brand stays ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

voice seo Services

GALR Marketing is one of the leading voice search optimization agencies that focuses on growing your business successfully with digital marketing. Whether you want to increase your revenue, website traffic, or conversions, our award-winning team and voice search optimization services can help you reach your goals.


Ability to Answer Potential Customers Quickly

Voice search significantly increases the process, there is no need to touch your mobile phone. You can simply ask, and you will get the answer instantly. There is potential to answer the user's queries and gain more customers over time.

Better Voice Search Rankings Equals More Trust With Searchers

When a person uses voice search to get information, they expect the information to be genuine and trustworthy. Google’s unique algorithm ensures that users are given the best results possible based on the unique query.

Adds Additional Benefit To Local SEO Campaigns

Voice search optimization can take your local SEO campaign to the next level. Many businesses are already aware of search engine optimization (SEO) and how it can help their website rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Provides Long Term Growth

If you provide great SEO voice services to users, they stick with you for the long term. Make sure your team is super-active in solving bugs (if found). Voice search is the current trend and will be there for the long term until a new path-breaking technology is discovered.

voice SEO Strategies

01.  Focus On Long-Tail Keywords

In voice search, users’ queries are longer than typing keywords. When it comes to voice search, users ask long tail keywords like ‘Where can I find the tasty restaurant?’ and the same people type ‘restaurant near me.’ These two searches have the same goal, but they are searched differently.

02. optimize your content

Optimizing content doesn’t always mean adding targeted keywords or writing meta tags and descriptions. Google prefers to rank a website that provides the best answer to the user’s queries. For voice search optimization, you can create an FAQ page to put all the user’s questions with the best possible solution.

03. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

Research states that over 58% of page views come from smartphones globally. Every 5 out of 10 users conduct a voice search on their smartphone. The average page loading time for a voice search is 4.4 seconds. This is almost 54% faster than the average page loading speed of all websites.

04. Optimize for Local Listening

Optimizing your local listings will help you reach the audience who conducts queries such as “Where can I buy the Apple laptop?” or “Which mobile shop is closest to me.” To optimize your website for voice search optimization, you need to claim your Google My Business (GMB) profile.

05. Enhance Your Page Loading Speed

When a user visits your website via voice search and your page takes too long to load, it distracts users, and they shift to another website hence it increases your bounce rate. The average page loading time for a voice search is 4.4 seconds. This is almost 53% faster than the average page loading speed of all websites.

06. Use Structured Data

Leveraging structured data will help Google to understand your content better. Structured data is a code added to the HTML markup of the website through which you can better control how you want your website to be displayed on the search engines.

Why Choose Us?


Long-Term Effective Results

We are committed to giving you long-term results and helping to grow your business. Our dedicated project manager will keep in touch with you to provide excellent outcomes to boost your business productivity.


Continuous Performance Monitor

We provide you with weekly and monthly updates to monitor your project performance and help you track the progress of your site. Also, you will know the work done and what we plan for the next.


Experienced Team

We had chosen cherries from the bunch. We have some extraordinarily talented people in the company who are experienced and worked in multiple fields. They know how things need to be executed.



This is the last thing we consider; being cost-effective doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. We are on a mission to boost the company’s growth by providing our services. We ensure that startups to multi-billionaire companies can take advantage of our services provided by GALR Marketing.

We Make Great Partners

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Helpful Information

  • Why does voice search SEO matter to your business?

    Investing in voice search optimization is a smart choice, with more than one billion voice searches happening each month.

  • Why should you optimize your website for voice search?

    According to Google, voice searches are “30 times more likely to be action queries than text searches.” This means we want to find places and buy things through digital assistants. Understanding this user intent is crucial to optimizing our website for voice search.

  • What type of keywords should be included for voice search?

    Instead of shorthand, voice search uses the Five Ws and How (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How), other question modifiers, and long-tail keywords that are conversational and capture intent.


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